Grief & Guts

Grief & Guts

Each episode we abandon our comfort zones to get a little gutsy and hold space to grow into stronger versions of ourselves. In 2014, the birth of my daughter Leyden changed my entire world. Four months later, grief shattered it. I was broken, scared, lost, angry, and hopeless. I didn’t want to live and wasn’t really sure how to. I sought every means to “fight” grief: researching, joining parent groups, and I even traveled outside of the country twice, to hear world-renowned grief speaker Dr. Raymond Moody. Disappointed, I discovered like all adversities in life, there is no way to “beat” grief. But, thankfully, there were effective strategies I could employ when navigating such choppy waters. Whether it was understanding the gut-brain connection, or getting gutsy in my ability to face discomfort, the tools I learned, saved my life. There are not nearly enough resources to support each other through uncomfortable challenges – be it the loss of a job, a relationship, a sense of self… or life. Talking about uncomfortable things, well that takes guts. And we are going to get really gutsy here.

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    77: “Must Be Nice” No More

    Whether you have ever heard "must be nice" said to you, or felt it towards someone else, this episode is for you! Melissa takes you out of the shame of that phrase and into your power.

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    76: Your Core Values = Your Core Asset

    If you’ve ever struggled with feeling like you are letting people down, this is for you. If you’ve gotten stuck in trying to “prove” what is wrong or right, this is for you. If you’ve felt hurt because someone didn’t agree with you or your choices, this is for you. If you’re like Melissa and done all of the above at one point in your life, this is most definitely, for you.

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    75: Dependency Is Like A Drug - Understanding Relationship Dynamics

    Melissa gets into the creaks and cracks of relationships - what makes them dependent and what makes them growth-producing. She shares a way to tease out what role different relationships play in your life and how to make shifts to make them even more powerful. And she might also ruin love songs for you.

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    74: Personal Responsibility, The Encore - Why It's Not Fun and So Worth It

    Melissa goes deeper into the popular, and also not so popular, topic of personal responsibility to offer two ways that you can begin to integrate it into your life. She shows you how doing so will transform you from reactionary to feeling empowered in control. By mastering this for yourself, you can then master it in your relationships.

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    73: Personal Responsibility is the WORST

    Melissa shares how much she loathed a concept taught by Louise Hay - that of personal responsibility. Melissa shares how letting go of the "icky" feeling of the term, the concept itself, changed her grief journey, then her life journey - and how it can begin to do the same for you.

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    72: Forgiving The Unforgivable

    You asked, Melissa is answering - how do you forgive the unforgivable? Leyden's case was termed a "catastrophe" and Melissa is teaching you how to move forward in such devastating circumstances - whether, for a situation of medical care or loss or something in your day-to-day, this process will help you transform the pain and grief that surfaces.

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    71: The Afterlife is Life's Teacher - An Interview with Dr. Raymond Moody

    In an emotional interview, Melissa meets with Dr.Raymond Moody, whom she met in her infamous quest to understand grief when she traveled out of the country to hear him speak. She says that experience changed her life - and now Dr.Moody is here to answer more questions for you, too.

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    70: 4 Tools For These Transformative Times

    Melissa shares 4 tools that will help you through a wide range of emotions and reactions to help you best navigate this time. She reminds us that we all need to individually feel our best to collectively give our best.

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    69: Your Pain Is Your Power - An Interview With Pharaoh

    Pharaoh joins Melissa today to talk about all things manifestation, growth, pain, and power. He dives deep not only into how at a young age he set out to hit incredibly ambitious goals (and did) but how he was still craving something more. Pharaoh shares how fasting has played an integral part in his own healing and strengthening and shares how this practice could help you too. Get ready to get inspired to level-up!

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    68: Is it Ego or Confidence?

    There is a major difference between ego and confidence but the truth is most of society has them confused. Melissa untangles them for you and teaches you how to channel both in a way that helps you learn and grow, powerfully!

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